restaurant bombay indian cuisin 1The specialty of our house is the Mogul-cuisine, the traditional cuisine of 16th century. It is mild in the taste, but rich in exotic spices and herbs.

If you prefer spicy food, we recommend you Madras- or Vindaloo-Curry.

Curry contains a dozen of different spices and herbs. Its selection, amount and composition are a secret of every Indian cook. Ready-made curry powder is not available in the Indian cuisine.

If you are not familiar with Indian cuisine we recommend you one of our great dishes, such as the "Bombay-Platte".

To every main dish it is usual to eat the Indian "Pullao" rice and bread. Pullao rice is saffron rice mixed with nuts and raisins. Typical Indian bread is our delicious "Nan" bread.

Halal food is available on demand.

Vegan cuisine is available on demand.

Jain food is available on demand.


Namaste & enjoy your meal.